Please feel free to download and use any of the resources on this page - if you take any photos of them in use at an event, we'd love to see them.

Protest Banners

Growers of Conviction Protest Banners

Print these banners and take them to protests, rallies, gatherings
Legal Cannabis for All Adults banner
Medical Cannabis for Medical Needs banner

Protest Stickers

Policeman sporting Legal Cannabis for All Adults Sticker

These stickers are designed to be printed as 150mm X 150mm clear circular stickers, but are vector files so can also be printed at larger sizes.
Legal Cannabis for All Adults sticker
Medical Cannabis for Medical Needs sticker

Photographs are examples of where these stickers have been seen - we would like to point out that this is not necessarily legal and may be considered fly-posting. Obviously, we wish for these to be seen, but it is up to customer discretion as to where they place them.

A Joint Effort - Victoria Atkins MP & the Family Cannabis Farm

A Joint Effort - Victoria Atkins MP and Paul Kenward growing 45 Acres of Cannabis

Victoria Atkins, the UK Drugs minister, strongly opposes Cannabis law reform, and claims that Cannabis has no medical benefit. Meanwhile, her husband's company is growing 45 acres of Cannabis for GW Pharmaceuticals Sativex medication.

Download 60cm X 90cm poster

The Cannabis Connection - Poster

The Cannabis Connection - UK Goverment's vested interests in Cannabis

The Prime Minister's husband, Philip May, owns shares in GW Pharmaceuticals through his Capital Group. GW Pharmaceuticals produces the only currently available cannabis-based medicine, whilst Theresa May and her government fail to consider reform of Cannabis laws which would allow more research and greater access to Cannabis as a medicine.

Download 60cm X 90cm poster

Medical Case Studies

The websites below give access to various medical case studies on the effects of Cannabis