This page contains a number of letters, articles and Freedom of Information requests regarding various issues relating to Cannabis in the UK. You may also be interested in the Cannabis Letter Writers' Facebook Group


Vested Interests of Government Ministers in Medical Cannabis

1 articles [Most Recent: 3rd May 2018]

Victoria Atkins, the UK Drugs minister, strongly opposes Cannabis law reform, and claims that Cannabis has no medical benefit. Meanwhile, her husband's company is growing 45 acres of Cannabis for GW Pharmaceuticals Sativex medication.  Other ministers, and / or their spouses (such as our PM's husband), also have their own interests in Medical Cannabis.

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Letters to my MP Ruth Cadbury

2 articles [Most Recent: 14th November 2015]

Our MP's job is to represent our views in parliament.  Unfortunately, many don't see fit to turn up to debates about the issues affecting our lives.  I wrote to my (then) MP Ruth Cadbury to ask her to do just this and attend the 12th October 2015 parliamentary debate on Cannabis legislation.

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Sativex, Cannabis Tincture and MP's interests in GW Pharmaceuticals - FOI Request

1 articles [Most Recent: 13th June 2011]

Cannabis Tincture pre-dated the GW Pharmaceuticals product "Sativex", yet this is the only Cannabis product permitted in the UK.  I made a Freedom of Information Request regarding MP's with interests in GW Pharmaceuticals and other relevant questions.

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Double Standards and "Stronger Cannabis" FOI Requests

1 articles [Most Recent: 31st December 2008]

Many politicians admit to "experimenting with Cannabis", but don't consider the double-standards of creating laws to criminalise others for doing the same. I also submitted a Freedom of Information request for evidence to support government claims of a threefold increase in strength of Cannabis, and for the claims of an increase in numbers of young people seeking help for "Cannabis induced mental health problems" after Cannabis was reclassified to Class C.

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